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November 28, 2016

Gratitude Gathering 2016

Gratitude Gathering 2016

As our way of showing our appreciation for our wonderful family of clients – many of whom have become good friends – we held our Gratitude Gathering for 2016 just before Thanksgiving. We had great conversations and terrific snacks and beverages.

Many of our clients are from the Midwest and so they found they had much in common. Others are living near each other and we were able to introduce neighbors to each other. Some clients attended that I have not seen in many years.

As an added bonus we offered a choice of Free pies for people to take home for their own Thanksgiving meals. We are so grateful to be able to host this event. We are so grateful for all the good in our lives and for each other. This is our favorite time of year when we can express how much we care about our clients and how much we appreciate those that introduce us to the people they care  about.

We love celebrating our clients. Maybe you can join us next year?

Visiting at Gratitude Gathering


Enjoying the Gratitude Gathering 2016

Beverly Bowen

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